the kitchen project

At the Primary School, 483 children are currently getting a hot meal a day and Mealiepap is available at 9:10. The State School Feeding Program provides the cornmeal if it does not interfere. The porridge is cooked by committed, volunteer mothers on two wood fire stations. The students traditionally eat the porridge with their hands from a plate. Unfortunately, this is often just a cardboard fished out of the garbage. When the school runs out of maize flour or if there is no firewood, there is nothing to eat. For many, the only meal a day falls out. But you cannot learn when being hungry.

Beside the firewood-kitchen, in 2019 we started building the construction of a schoolgardenkitchen, with sinks, running water a own stove and kitchen utilities. 2020 we finished what we started, completing the kitchen with electricity, tiles and curtains. Until now the harvest out of the school garden and out of the orchard can be prepared there. But the school garden kitchen is also a classroom in which homeecologies is teached. Further we will organise the miliepap, we will improve the hyhgyne knowledge and we will organise different kitchen-workshops.