working-stay 2022

working-stay 2021

Big plans for 2021: The construction of a new school hall / Already in January the construction works starts at the school / In February, the shell is finished and can already be used for cross-class lessons / Finally in May 2021 we can travel to Namibia again, we have big plans… / The new additional garden assistance is bearing fruit / Again the school lacked the cornmeal for the daily school feeding, we could help out / Start of the interior work on the School Hall / A professional paving team around Mr Haita is making good progress / teaching, flexing, gardening, discussing, concreting, listening, cooking, … / Art in public space in a socially committed sculpture: world garden floor drawing / More space for cross-class lessons, even under Covid19 conditions / The finished new School Hall / School Garden Update 2021, metal edging for the last 10 raised beds and many other things / Construction of a small greenhouse, also for the cultivation of local trees / Small support also for the ABC Kindergarden / The new Healing Station Team around Ms Issete and Ms Namatsse / Do you know Mahangu? A growing project with Namibian pearl millet and an open exit / Grandmother Simon in conversation with Ms. Petra about the Dream Catcher project / Vision Sharing Meeting, questions to the Kalkfeld Community about the future of the township / The school garden continues to grow / The inner circle, we have again forged big plans for 2022

working-stay 2020

“We finish what we started”. Completion of the school garden kitchen / tiling floors and walls, electrification, laying underground cables, putting in plasterboard seeling, completion of the kitchen unit, painting and varnishing work, school blackboard and table construction, curtains, start of lessons in housekeeping by Ms Muhurre. Research / school garden and permaculture projects in Windhoek. School Hall idea / visualization, meetings with the locksmith, vision sheet, construction sketches, moving the flagpole. Garden assistant / job description, sowing calendar, contract, introduction. Large school garden update / weeding orchards, digging planting holes, building treehomes and planting trees with protection, purchase of construction and garden material / seeds, 50 m hose, tools, fertilizer, wire, fence, posts, wheelbarrow, shade net, materials for restoration of 10 raised beds with metal edging, prickly pear plantings, cutting trees, planting and sowing workshops. Medical Garden update / new plantings 4 Marula Trees, 1 Namib Moringa, 2 Speckboom, 3 Bulbinellas,… Healing Station / location, handover of the medication and introduction to Ms Sabatha, workshop for girls. Vision of the 2 new classrooms / clarifications, needs and construction plans from the ministry.

working-stay 2019

Construction of a school garden kitchen / conception, planning, organization, purchase and transport of building materials / loan of large concrete mixers / cast concrete foundation / wood / sheet metal construction with 3 windows and 2 French doors / Rigips interior fittings / kitchenette with electric stove, double sink, base units, Work surface and work table / water supply and drainage / cable drum power connection for a provisional power supply / window grille welding as leftover works / purchase of construction / gardening tools, jigsaw, drill, bits and drills, tension belts, straightedge, … Pickles, shovels and lots of seed bags / Donation delivery Kitchen inventory with pans, pots, boards, knives, sieves, graters, whisks, trowels, towels, … / Casting a concrete floor in the firewood kitchen / Small school garden update / 5 shade trees, new schoolyard plantings / Numerous “Endless -Grace “-Workshops / Again a lot of questions, discussed and planned, especially what the The future of the two new classrooms and the shelder / as well as the year-round garden assistance are concerned.

working-stay 2018

Construction garden shed and tool shed / construction cleaning station: 3 sinks, 3 taps, drain / installation rainwater tank 5000 liters for roof water use in the school garden / organization and purchase material agricultural instruction: garden / construction tools, saws, hammers, chisels, drills, bits, rivet tongs, brushes, paints, screws, nails, lancet, watering cans, and a lot of seeds / 7 planting / substitute planting with sticks: 3 passion fruits, 3 lemon trees, 1 guava / building of 16 concrete stone circles around the shade trees / organization and purchase of 500 kg maize flour for the school-feeding / hygiene workshops / aloe vera and tomato workshop / tree and parasitic workshop / pictogram and sewing workshop / donation 500 spoons / numerous endless tinker workshops / commissioning and payment garden assistant (Mr.! Kharuchab ) for 6 months / research new building classrooms and children’s home

working-stay 2017

Commissioning of 3 additional water connections including feeders and ditches for the orchard, the schoolgarden and the schoolyard / 28 new plants: 5 lemons, 2 oranges, 3 mandarins, 1 apricot, 2 guava and 3 lemon trees, 11 flamboyant, 1 jacaranda and 1 bougainvillea / 3 planting workshops / organization and purchase material agricultural lessons: ppades, shovels, rakes, forks, scissors, pitchers, wheelbarrows, a ladder, machetes, hoses, 14m3 soil, fertilizer and lots of seed / repair workshop / fences / clean-it-up-day with students, parents and teachers / compost workshop / organization, buying and labeling of 483 colorful plates for school-feeding / numerous endless-tinker Workshops / organization grant for copiers and internet