thank you so much!

Thank you very much:
Alfonso Hüppi and Erwin Gebert from Etaneno Farm / without you we might never have come to Africa.
Holger Bunk / Without you, the Primary Schoolgarden might not exist, because you led us to Miss Matilda and have supported the school since 2003.
Our son Johnny / for your basic trust in us and in this work / we will never forget how you helped with the compost workshop at the age of eleven, as if there were no snakes.
Carla and Andi / for the many beautiful fruit trees.
Michi / for the first garden tools.
Our godson Hugo / for a wheelbarrow and a garden hose.
Stefan, Paul, Svea and Johnny / for the action “Drinking for Africa”, which enriched the garden with a 5000 liter rainwater tank.
To our two farmers, Doris and Peter, for the most beautiful sunsets, the most delicious meals and the feeling of being at home in the middle of the wilderness.
Family Cotze from the Roidina Lodge / for many large and small care packages.
Joe Maier / for 500 spoons, 420 cm kitchen unit and 1000 advices.
Stefan Völker / for this great website and the everlasting optimism.
Pia / for the beautiful words.
Svea / for the nice translation.
Alexa / for her great commitment to Inner Wheel, which means that our vision of building two new classrooms can suddenly become real quite quickly.
Jürgen Scholz / for knowledge, advice, action and infinite patience in all our tax issues and concerns.
Regula and Fredy Lienhard / for generous, generous and recurring support.
Peter Friedli and Noldi Stettbacher / for their generous help in technical support.
Our families and our many friends / who never tire of listening, thinking, giving their heart and their money.
And all of our African New Year’s Eve donors and more backers / for continued support and trust.

A very special thanks to our public supporters:
Foundation Kunstfonds Bonn, Germany
Kulturlandgemeinde AR, Switzerland
Kulturstiftung des Bundes, Germany