in future

In the near and distant future, we will continue assisting the school by: planning garden updates in close consultation, offering joint sewing workshops, building shade roofs, supporting school feeding, cutting fruit trees or building cleaning stations. But there are two other great tasks ahead
of us: the children’s home “Endless Grace” and two new classrooms.

The new classrooms: Due to the constantly growing number of students, the classes are crowded. Therefore children are taught outside under tress or even in the material warehouse. The 100 Pre-primaries, which are four to five years old children, are taught in two completely dilapidated classrooms. To teach 50 children, who speak more than four different African languages (Damara, Herero, Ovambo, or Nama) in a small, crowded room is nearly impossible. Therefore at least two new classrooms have to be built. Further planning for the construction of the new classrooms will be the reason for our next trip. But to get these two projects on the way, we need generous and magnanimous supporters!