The fifth Corona aid delivery

In order to reopen the primary school at the end of January 2021, the Namibian Ministry of Education demanded that the 25-point Covid19 plan be fulfilled. With the fifth aid delivery, which included cleaning materials, hygiene articles and disinfectants, we were able to help the school meet these requirements. We also supplied hygiene and sanitary items for older school children, office and school materials, stationery and food for the School Feeding Program, as the school ministry was again unable to deliver the maize meal. (January 2021)

The fourth Corona aid delivery for 150 families

Due to the constant corona-related school closings, the School Feeding Program is all too often canceled, although it is often the only meal a day for many school children. With this fourth delivery, we gave the Primary School and the Kalkfeld Community the opportunity to continue school meals even when the school is closed. Furthermore, hygiene articles and sanitary pads were supplied for the young girls, as well as food to support the families of the volunteer cooks. (October 2020)

The third Corona aid delivery

Thanks to the great help of a friend in Dusseldorf and incredible coincidences, we were able to organize disinfectants for all 600 students and, with a third aid delivery. We provide various materials such as cleaning agents, sanitary and protective items for the reopening of the school. We are very grateful for the help and incredibly proud of the principal, the teachers and the Primary School team, who are doing a wonderful job of tirelessly and positively moving things forward in these challenging times. ( June 2020)

The second Corona aid delivery for 150 families

“Everybody in the community where greatly and happy with what they got. They sent their blessings and appreciation to you!” writes Miss Mathilda! Karuchas. Those greetings, we would like to send to you, because without the great support from all our friends and donors, it would not have been possible to provide the remaining 150 families with food and hygiene items.The school is currently closed, but we hope that it can open on time for the “third term” in September. (May 2020)

Corona help

Dear supporters, we are happy to inform you that thanks to your donations the first aid delivery of food and hygiene products arrived at the school in Kalkfeld on Thursday 16.4.2020. On Friday a great team of teachers and parents packed 100 packages for the most needy families of the school children and organized the pick up and drop off. We are working on the second delivery with the school management. It will again be food and sanitary products for the families, but also disinfectants and materials for the school to be able to resume school operations under the new distance and hygiene conditions. Unfortunately, we can safely assume that a third aid delivery will also be necessary. (April 2020)