We and the school have been dreaming of a library for a long time. In 2024 it was time to make the dream come true: we are renovating one of the old classrooms, recycling old tables and shelves that had disappeared in the storeroom, sanding, washing, painting and cleaning. Purple and peach is our color concept and with the help of the children we can bring the first books into the small library after just two weeks.

The children take the books home, adults borrow their first school books to practice the alphabet, young women now have access to literature about pregnancy prevention and one or two love stories can also be borrowed. There are biographies about personalities with unique careers, maps and world atlases, memories, puzzles and arithmetic games. We received financial support for the initial setup from a generous Inner Wheel Lady from Düsseldorf. We are deeply grateful and, above all, happy that the library was so well received in such a short time!