In March 2007 a wonderful cooperation between the Primary School Kalkfeld and the visual artist started. The Namibian Ministry of Education asked the Headmistress Matilda !Kharuchas, who was new back then, to implement theoretical and practical lessons in agriculture at the school. Until then all their practical attempts failed. Together with Thomas Stricker the school was able to build the school garden. This marked the beginning of a great collaboration. After a careful planning phase the garden was opened after a month solemnly. Since then, the sculptor designs and realizes gardening projects and theoretical workshops in the constantly growing garden in close consultation with the Principal, the teachers and pupils. Over 10 years of intercultural cooperation mean that 483 children between the ages of four and 16 can now learn how to garden, sow and harvest.

What we want to do: “Continue to assist the school so that agricultural education can continue, plan garden updates, replace tools, hold workshops, give seed bags, cut trees, renovate raised beds, hire a gardenist all year round, and establish a Primary School Garden Market Place. We would like to continue this confidence-building measure, in this forgotten place where there is little permanence, practically on site and find continuous structures.“