working-stay 2019

Construction of a school garden kitchen / conception, planning, organization, purchase and transport of building materials / loan of large concrete mixers / cast concrete foundation / wood / sheet metal construction with 3 windows and 2 French doors / Rigips interior fittings / kitchenette with electric stove, double sink, base units, Work surface and work table / water supply and drainage / cable drum power connection for a provisional power supply / window grille welding as leftover works / purchase of construction / gardening tools, jigsaw, drill, bits and drills, tension belts, straightedge, … Pickles, shovels and lots of seed bags / Donation delivery Kitchen inventory with pans, pots, boards, knives, sieves, graters, whisks, trowels, towels, … / Casting a concrete floor in the firewood kitchen / Small school garden update / 5 shade trees, new schoolyard plantings / Numerous “Endless -Grace “-Workshops / Again a lot of questions, discussed and planned, especially what the The future of the two new classrooms and the shelder / as well as the year-round garden assistance are concerned.

working-stay 2018

Construction garden shed and tool shed / construction cleaning station: 3 sinks, 3 taps, drain / installation rainwater tank 5000 liters for roof water use in the school garden / organization and purchase material agricultural instruction: garden / construction tools, saws, hammers, chisels, drills, bits, rivet tongs, brushes, paints, screws, nails, lancet, watering cans, and a lot of seeds / 7 planting / substitute planting with sticks: 3 passion fruits, 3 lemon trees, 1 guava / building of 16 concrete stone circles around the shade trees / organization and purchase of 500 kg maize flour for the school-feeding / hygiene workshops / aloe vera and tomato workshop / tree and parasitic workshop / pictogram and sewing workshop / donation 500 spoons / numerous endless tinker workshops / commissioning and payment garden assistant (Mr.! Kharuchab ) for 6 months / research new building classrooms and children’s home

working-stay 2017

Commissioning of 3 additional water connections including feeders and ditches for the orchard, the schoolgarden and the schoolyard / 28 new plants: 5 lemons, 2 oranges, 3 mandarins, 1 apricot, 2 guava and 3 lemon trees, 11 flamboyant, 1 jacaranda and 1 bougainvillea / 3 planting workshops / organization and purchase material agricultural lessons: ppades, shovels, rakes, forks, scissors, pitchers, wheelbarrows, a ladder, machetes, hoses, 14m3 soil, fertilizer and lots of seed / repair workshop / fences / clean-it-up-day with students, parents and teachers / compost workshop / organization, buying and labeling of 483 colorful plates for school-feeding / numerous endless-tinker Workshops / organization grant for copiers and internet